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120405 Me2day conversation - Minho- FULL

Fan : (Eng) "MiNHO I LOVE u... do u love me?"
Minho : I am Minho

Fan : Are you gone TT TT
Minho : I am back again haha

Fan : Yeah
Minho : Yeah~

Fan : (Eng) "Key speak english please"
Minho : What are trying to do?

Fan : Minho Oppa!! Do you think you are the best at doing aegyo?
Minho :

Fan : Oppa belongs to the sweet type of guys.
Fan : Are you recently worried about your short hair problems?
Fan : You know you can do aegyo really well~!
Minho : What are you all discussing about?

Fan : (We can discuss) Anything
Fan : To discuss stories (gossip) behind Minho's back
Minho : Can you talk about (the "Minho") that is not on stage? (S/N : He wants fans to treat him as if he is not the charismatic Minho when he is performing, but as a friend when Minho is interacting with fans)

Fan : A lot of "duojin" authors must really like oppa right? (S/N : I went to search 多晶 "duojin" and it came up with minerals and solar chips... So I assume it's doujin - Japanese manga terms - and hence I think they refer to fanfic? Correct me if I am wrong, thanks)
Minho : This is the start of war!

Fan : Aren't your ears itchy (S/N : A saying to mean someone is talking behind your back)
Minho : Totally (itchy)

Fan : But you cannot start a fight! haha
Minho : Haha

Fan : Oppa, are there any games you play regularly?
Minho : I play "Winning" frequently haha

Fan : What is "Winning"?
(Another fan answers this question) : It is a kind of Soccer game 

Minho : What is your favourite song in the album? 

Sherlock, Stranger, All of them
Key : (----.,----)

Minho : The last wave~ (S/N : Last chance to talk)

Fan : (Eng) "Because of SHINee, I make me2day"
Minho : (Eng) "THANK U"

Minho : I love alarm clock
Minho :  Hahahaha (S/N : He answered his own question)

Fan : Oppa, how did you feel after you have just finished learning "Sherlock's" dance?
Fan : It feels really fresh

Fan : When is the next time we can chat with you?
Minho : The next time..
Minho : when will that be..

Fan : Will there be a performance (dance) for Alarm clock?
Minho : Oh right, I kind of want to try it too

Fan : How much time do you spend to practice and sing?
Minho : A lot of time.

Fan : Oppa, if the things I've invented has been integrated into our lives, will you purchase it?
Minho : What is that???

Fan : Can you sing "Honesty" for your goodbye stage?
Minho : I want to sing that song too..

Fan : What is Oppa's favourite sport?
Minho : Soccer, of course! haha

Fan : Which member get's angry/frustrated the most haha
Minho : The one who who gets angry would be Jonghyun hyung
Minho : Jonghyun hyung is a monster haha

Fan : Is it time for dinner!!!
Minho : I have not eaten TT TT (S/N : 6.34PM KST)

Fan : Who is the member who can eat the most?
Minho : The one who can eat the most would be me.

Fan : Minho, are you still growing?
Minho : I am not growing anymore. I...
Minho : Haha

Minho : This is really the last wave (S/N : Last chance to talk to him)
Minho : I am reluctant to leave but this is really the last chance.. haha TT TT

Fan : Why are you at my house!
Minho : really?? Haha

Fan : How lond did you/SHINee take to learn the Sherlock dance well?
Minho : 4 days haha

Fan : Which song did you put in the most effort in?
Minho : The title track of course.

Fan : Who invented the "Hybrid" style of the song?
Minho : My company haha

Fan : Minhyuk's acting is really awesome TT TT You will still take on the challenge to do acting next time right?
Minho : Yes I will, Please anticipate me (my performance) the next time too haha

Fan : Do other members go online/ Are other members looking at this conversation, webpage (S/N : *ambiguous meaning*) ?
Minho : No
Minho : Only Jonghyun-hyung is looking haha

Minho : Dear all
Minho : I should be
Minho : Going off now
Minho : TT TT
Minho : We will still meet haha
Minho : Ah.. Next time
Minho : Til we see one another again
Minho : I am hungry haha
Minho : The next time we will chat
Minho : when will that be
Minho : Let's meet next time
Minho : The above... I am Minho
Minho : Hahahahaha
Minho : Byebye
Minho : Thank you everyone!

Fan : Did he really leave?
Fan : Oppa don't go..
Fan : Bye
Fan : Let's meet next time
Fan : Please come to Daegu
Minho : See you next time!!!!! (-----.,------)

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