Monday, March 26, 2012

SHINee’s “Sherlock” ranks at #4 on YouTube’s “Most Viewed Videos”

SHINee has made a stunning comeback with its newest mini-album title song “Sherlock.” The music video for “Sherlock” managed to surpass one million views on its first day. The video now has over two million views.

Not only that, the music video was ranked number one is “Most Commented Videos,” “Most Liked Videos,” and “Most Favorited Videos” on YouTube's worldwide charts. Fans have shown an explosive support and excitement toward the group’s comeback. Girls’ Generation’s Jessica also made an appearance in the music video, further garnering in the interest of many.

SHINee had their comeback performances for "Sherlock" and "Stranger" on "Music Bank" and "Music Core." The group will finish the round of music broadcasts on "Inkigayo."

Credit: Soompi

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