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SHINee to hold a mini fanmeeting for 'Sherlock' on April 9th

<SHINEE速報>SHINeeカムバック記念★SHOW CASE in seoul★開催予定!4/8(日)を予定いたしております。ソウルレコードから入場チケットプレゼント企画ありっ♪詳細は週明けに再度ツイート致します。少々お待ちくださいっ!!!!
<SHINEE Early Notice> A commemoration for SHINee's comeback ★SHOW CASE in seoul★ is scheduled to be held! We are planning this to be on 4/8 (Sunday). There's a plan for an entrance ticket present [gift] from Seoul Record.* We will tweet more information about this early next week. Please wait a bit!!!!
*most likely means Seoul Record is making plans to give out free entry passes to their event, though I'm not completely sure.
Source: Seoul Record
Credit: Annie @ SHINee Forums International (

<お知らせ>SHINee☆SHOW CASE In seoul について。新しいCD情報と共にショーケースについての情報も、SMEから一緒に連絡が来る予定です。通常CD販売の1週間前程に告知されますので、ファンの皆様、もう少々お待ち下さい^^ソウルレコード
<Information> About SHINee☆SHOW CASE In seoul. Information about the new CD will be brought [to you] from SME together with the information about the showcase. Usually, information will be [coming out] about a week before the release of the CD. Please wait just a little longer ^^ - Seoul Record
Source: Seoul Record
Translation Credit: Annie @ SHINee Forums International (

<変更事項>SHINee SHOW CASE In Seoulは4/9(月)に開催予定です。その他、チケットの詳細が決まり次第ツイート致します。
SHINee SHOW CASE In Seoul now is scheduled to be held at April 9th (Monday)..Details will be added later
Source: Seoul Record
Translation Credit: shawolindo

NOTE: The showcase has since been changed to a "mini fanmeeting" and will take place at 8:00 PM instead of 7:00 PM.
告知★SHINee「Shrlock SHOW CASE IN SEOUL」日時:4/9(月) 午後7時開演 場所:オリニ大公園 ドームアートホール チケット詳細→ソウルレコードにて3/21発売の新曲「Shrlock」+写真集‘SHINee WORLD’お買い上げの方先着300名。
Announcement★SHINee [Sherlock SHOW CASE IN SEOUL]
Date: 4/9 (Monday) 
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Children's Grand Park Dome Art Hall
Ticket Details → The first 300 people who purchase the SHINee World Photobook and Sherlock CD will be eligible for tickets.
T/N: I made a list to make it look neater.
Source: Seoul Record
Translation Credit: Annie @ SHINee Forums International (

★告知★SHINee「Shrlock SHOW CASE IN SEOUL」CD+PHOTOBOOK 今から予約受付!!予約受付期間 3/13(火)~3/18(日)夜12時 300名の定員に達し次第終了。予約サイト→
★Announcement★SHINee [Sherlock SHOW CASE IN SEOUL] 
CD+PHOTOBOOK reservations are being accepted from now!!
Booking Period: 3/13 (Tuesday) to 3/18 (Sunday) at midnight
The booking period will be over as soon as 300 people sign up.
Signup Link → http://www.seoul-rec...00000261/order/
Source: Seoul Record
Translation Credit: Annie @ SHINee Forums International (

SHINee showcase 7 pm 4/9 at Seoul Children's Grand Park Art Hall
online music stores likely to distribute tickets to those who buy albums at their sites
Credit: jujugal

SHINee SHOW CASE in Seoul Details (The redemption details is more for J-shawols?):-
Date: 9 April 2012
Time: KST 7:00pm
Venue: Dome Art Hall Children’s Great Park , Seoul Gwangjin-gu
Reservations from now ★ ★ SHINee “Sherlock SHOW CASE IN SEOUL” CD + PHOTOBOOK notice! ! It will end as soon as it reaches the capacity of 300 people from 13 March (Sun) to midnight of 18 March (Tues). Registration for “SHINee Sherlock Show Case In Seoul” is only available online.
1st 300 purchases of Sherlock CD + Photobook will get a ticket redemption. Only one ticket per person.
Credit: eimanjjong
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