Saturday, March 31, 2012

[Radio] 120331 SBS JSH's Power Radio Show

1. Reminiscing SHINee : DJ remembers the first time she met the kids - they were wearing a white attire, short hair cut which makes them look really bright, greetings with90 degree bow. Key notes that they still feel a bit uncomfortable receiving greetings from hoobaes (juniors). Jonghyun commented that they do not recognise a lot of juniors after their 1 and a half years of absence.

2. Onew chose "Noona you're so pretty" (to be broadcasted on the radio). DJ commented that this song caused many noonas to fall on their knees to the hem of their pants and to give up their wallet to them. Onew said that this song helped to deepen the bond between the members. DJ noona asked if the lyrics were too literal which caused noonas to be caught off-guard. Key says that (what they were singing/ expressing) were (their) real (feelings). Jonghyun says that it is impossible to be able to enjoy that experience they used to have.

3. DJ noona asked which member likes to "do aegyo to get what he wants" (S/N : There is no direct translation for this word - so I gave a description instead). Jonghyun noted that there is no member in the team that will deliberate do aegyo but there is a member who is naturally extremely cute - which is Taemin-goon. There was an embarrassing situation but his eye-smiles were so cute.

4. Jonghyun chose "Love like Oxygen" (to be broadcasted on the radio). This song allowed fans to experience the uniquely-SHINee funky style. DJ asked if they did not belong in SHINee, which group would they want to join. Jonghyun said he will join f(x) because he resembles Amber.. and he should be called Jong-hee...

5. DJ raised the issue of new-comers. Their company (SM) has a lot of talented trainees, does SHINee feel that they are under threat? Jonghyun said that they do not feel threatened but only anticipation. As long as they work hard as SHINee themselves, nothing else matters. 

6. Key chose Black Beat's "Shake Shake Shake" (to be broadcasted on radio). He picked this song because he sang this song during a showcase performance before he debuted and he sang it again on another radio show after he debuted. Thinking back, he feels that his tailor-made dance was unbelievable, even the song lyrics were good.

7. DJ questioned what they did on the plane when they SM catered a plane to fly to America - they answered : drinking beverages, play games and writing diary.. DJ says that even though the company seems bright and cheery on the outside, practice time is like hell right? Jonghyun answered that no matter what, as long as you want to do well in something, you have to pay a price. 

8. Onew recommended "Goose's Dream" because it inspired him a lot. DJ complimented them that they have been promoting well. Jonghyun and Key says that it is still (at a) difficult (stage) - like privacy issues being broadcasted to the audience. Key says that he is reading his past diary entries - he feels that in the past, he sounded like he would have given up any moment.

9. Jonghyun recommended HOT's "Light" - he said that both his sister and him really love the song then - they love it so much they literally broke the cassette. Every time he hears the song, he feels blissful. Onew agrees with him. Jonghyun commented that this is the "connection of the souls/ telepathy"

10. Jonghyun says that he thinks about "HOT" and "NAUL" the most during he pre-debut days. To him, "NAUL" was a like a dream, goal to him. However he feels that he would be afraid/ hesitant if he was given the opportunity to meet them personally. DJ teased "So you would not have liked Han Hye Jin right ? (NAUL's girlfriend)" Jonghyun joked that he used to dislike but not anymore Onew and Key laughed.(Note : Jonghyun is making a joke here, don't take it too seriously.)

11. Key recommended "Snail". He said that during his pre-debut days, he listened to this song with other trainees. This song contained too many memories for him. Whenever he return home, he will listen to this song on the train...

12. Onew mentioned that his father is a person who wakes up at 5AM in the morning to work. He truly respects his dad as he is an honest man. Onew is working hard to learn from his dad but he just couldn't wake up at 5AM in the morning daily. DJ commented that while Onew was talking, it feels as if there were 700 white candles lighted up and glowing behind his back...

13. Jonghyun revealed that the members really love to gather together and talk - regardless if they are in the MPV/Car, or.. They will also order pig trotters or chicken etc snacks back to their dorm to play and chit-chat.

14. Jonghyun commented that their promotional period is really short this time round because of their Japanese arena tour. The ending song for the radio program was "Lucifer". DJ noona said that she is their "wallet" fan (S/N : A shawol willing to give up her wallet too), their "album" fan.

- END -

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