Thursday, March 29, 2012

[NEWS] SHINee studies Japanese for their upcoming Japan arena tour

On top of their busy schedules in the middle of the 'Sherlock' promotional period, SHINee has been practicing Japanese for their upcoming tour. The members divulged that although they have learned some Japanese already, they are aiming to become more fluent for the tour to be able to get closer to their Japanese fans.

During a fansigning event that happened yesterday, Taemin said, “We're disappointed that our Korean promotion period is short, but after our Japanese activities, we plan on releasing an album later this year, so please wait for us. We are both practicing for our Korean promotions and prepping for our Japanese tour next month. We will try our best to impress on the Japanese stage, so please anticipate our performance.”

SHINee will be touring Japan for ‘The First Japan Arena Tour: SHINee World 2012‘ starting April 25th, and the tour will run all the way until the beginning of July.

Source: Nate, engtrans : joAnnwashere-SFI

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