Tuesday, March 27, 2012

[FanAccount] 2012.03.28 SHINee fo Show Champion Sherlock Recording

show champion sherlock预录 其中一身衣服穿的和首场一样 白色的 泰民上来就吃东西 嘴巴鼓鼓的好可爱 录完一遍就坐在边上乖乖的让cody补妆 各种挥手笑颜如花

Show Champion Sherlock Recording, they are wearing the same outfits which they first wore for their reocording at MCD. Taemin is in white, first thing which Taemin do on stage was to eat. His expression was so cute while he was chewing the food in his mouth. After recording, he sat one side obediently, letting cody to touch up on his make up. Each time he waved, he was always smiling (like a flower).

Chi Trans: Momojean (weibo)
Eng Trans: NINGZzhi

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minho fan account please...

ayu aditi said...

if i have of course i will share ^^, just wait~ thankyou

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