Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[FA] SHINee MV Behind the Scenes Account -part1

Observing from a corner, seeing everything unfold, it is as interesting as watching a comedy. During (Sherlock’s) shooting break intervals, Onew sat in a corner dozing off (resting) Taemin (went forward) “Hyung! Hyung! … Hyung?!…” Not getting any reaction from Onew, seemingly something serious has happened, Taemin quickly ran towards Minho and Jonghyun who were standing at another corner chatting.
Minho “Hyung! Hyung! Wake up!” (patted Onew’s shoulders but got no reaction from him)
Jonghyun “Hyung! Hyung! Hyung~~~!” (shook Onew’s shoulders violently but Onew just wobbled around his seat – no further response from him)
Now, Kibum came. Key ” Hyung hyung hyung hyung  hyung hyung” (Singing in a “Lucifer” tune while knocking on his head along with the rhythm) (ouch). Onew then slowly opened his eyes and turned his head around “Can you all guys let me rest quietly?”

cr:답답해 (backstage staff)// kor-chi : moderato // eng-chi : soundtracklove

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