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[22point] 120329 SHINee conversation with Shindong on SSTP

  1. Shindong commented that Taemin's hair have grown really long. Taemin replied that it has grown quite a bit for the past 1 and a half years (This kid knows how to crack up a joke). 
  2. When asked about reactions from people around him Taemin said that people think that "This style is truly avant-garde", "I can't look straight (into your eyes, out of embarrassment)", "Some people think that it is pretty but there are people who thinks that I look like a monkey!" 
  3. Taemin said that if dancing and singing was not monitored (to do better) he will regret once he leaves the stage. Shindong mentions that he noticed that Taemin danced a bit slower than the rest for a single part for one of the performance. Taemin says that he purposely slowed down because he bumped into someone else. SHINee says that Shindong senior is indeed strictly monitoring... 
  4. Shindong let Taemin introduce the album in 30seconds. Taemin "Everyone please help me okay?" Minho and Jonghyun ask him to just do it himself. Taemin started his speech which was quite fluent - he mentioned the songs in the album and said that they were great and asked everyone to download it so that Jonghyun-hyung's account money will.....(Time's up!) 
  5. Jonghyun says that he can make everyone buy the album just by saying a sentence - "Taemin is partially nude this time..." Taemin was embarrassed and said "Why do you only mention me..." Jonghyun explains that his (Taemin's) was the most unexpected.. 
  6. Asking about Key : Key  "Why did you ask me this question! Indeed, I have collected more contacts" Shindong mentioned about 91 line so he feels that Key is most likely to have a female mate. Key "To be honest, I get close to others easily, however they may feel that I am too approachable and treat me soley as a casual friend" Shindong "So who do you think will have more experience in love?" Key "Talk about my personal stuff" (Jongkey started talking to one another and escapes the topic! haha) 
  7. Lie detector #1 : Key failed the lie detector test and everyone was cheering. Key explains that it was because he was nervous. Taemin "Didn't you tell us to secretly date?" 
  8. Lie detector #2 : "It is irritating because I have long hair and I have to pretend that I like it" - Taemin answered "NO". Taemin was really nervous about the lie detector (I think he did not passed it). Shindong requested everyone to try answering "YES". He asked "Is everyone satisfied with their hairstyle?" Minho "Yes I love it, I have not had short hair for a long time." Everyone else said that they like their hair too. Then Taemin tried answering "YES" - Onkey started to sing the tune of the lie-detector....and Taemin passed the lie-detector! Everyone started laughing and said that Taemin's "NO" is a lie. 
  9. When asked if he likes anyone from the opposite sex, Key was busted by the lie-detector. Key said that he does not have any among the idols.. Shindong caught hold of the keyword "idols" and twisted the question to if he has any interest in any girl. Key said "No" and passed the lie-detector. Everyone "He really doesnt have one.." Shindong "So we can assume that he does not have much experience in love" 
  10. Onew suggested the question to be changed to "I have experienced love" Jonghyun immediately stood forward and said "Let's protect our___(not clear) so we shall pass" Shindong said to tell him personally after the show is over (Onew what were you thinking? ahahaha) 
  11. Karaoke challenge! SHINee members have to sing more than 3 sentences to win and have to guess the song title and singer. Those who have raised up their hands will be called out to sing. Shindong "The first song is sung by a girl group", Everyone say that it's Key (???). Key "Didnt everyone say that the song-writer's name is Son Dambi?" So the song was SNSD "Tell me your wish". Taemin messed up the song and Onew forgot the lyrics by the 3rd line. Taemin sang wrongly again.. but Key managed to pull it off smoothly and successfully. 
  12. 2nd round! To test how much you know one another. Let's guess everyone's foot sizes. Minho is 260, Jonghyun is 265, Key is 265, Onew is 260, and Taemin is 250. 
  13. Onew was asked - correct answer will gain you 5 points and wrong answer 0 points.  Q: Which member does KEY thinks that is the most unfashionistic. Onew reluctantly replied "Onew....." Correct answer! Onew laughed. Key and Minho stood forward and complained that shouldn't it be anonymous? Key added on why did Shindong asked the person in the question itself? 
  14. Jonghyun was asked - Which member does Onew thinks that he does not listen to him well. Shindong explains that there shouldn't be only one person... Jonghyun answered "All four of us are not obedient" and the answer was correct! Jonghyun "I am using a caring method..." (Does not understand) 
  15. Minho was asked - Which member is most comfortable among girl groups? Jonghyun reminded Minho to think carefully...since it was written by Jonghyun himself. Shindong was counting down 3, 2, 1.. Minho answered "Jonghyun" but it was wrong and the answer was KEY. Jonghyun "It seems like it's not Minho's day today" 
  16. Taemin was asked - "Which member does Minho think that he takes care of his image the most in front of fans?" Taemin answered "Jonghyun". Jonghyun was unsatisfied and complained "Why is it all me?!" Shindong allowed Taemin to change his answer but Taemin stood by his answer and it was wrong! The right answer is "Taemin". Jonghyun says that Taemin does not know how to judge people...and is actually cuter than what he is in front of fans. Taemin explains that it is because Jonghyun has a lot of SNS recently. 
  17. Key was asked - "Which is the member that Taemin is most afraid of?" Key thinks that it is himself. Shindong "Do you want to change your answer? Is it only Key?" Key did not change but the correct answer turns out to be Minho! Key asked Taemin why and regretted that he did not change his answer. Taemin say that "All the hyungs are really good towards me, it is not hard to approach to them.. Minho-hyung often gave me advice (I think it is in a serious and stern manner) Minho is the closest answer to the question. Shindong and Jonghyun says that Minho is a really charismatic man..
  18. All in all, Jonghyun had the highest points followed by Onew..
  19. Shindong asked what does SHINee thinks they have that appeal to Europe fans? Jonghyun answered that Europe fans are able to accept their music and style and hence SHINee feels really honoured.
  20. Karaoke Challenge - Kibum said "I am really good at this! I will piss all of you off!" (hahaha!) The first song was "Tell me your wish" - Taemin got to answer first but Kibum sang it right in the end. The second song was KARA's "Mr" - Jonghyun got it but sang it wrongly. Third song was Miss A's "Bad girl good girl" Kibum got it but sang the first line wrongly - Jonghyun sang it really well though! 
  21. Shindong revealed that when Minho first entered the company, he was burderned on how to dance well and kept asking for advice from seniors all day long. Minho was really really dark then (tanned..) 
  22. A new questionaire! A certain manager who used to manage a senior group is now taking care of SHINee. I have interviewed the manager what unhappiness he has towards SHINee.. the manager said "I have a lot of unhappiness regarding the senior group but I totally love SHINee.. but I still have a little unhappiness towards them (SHINee)" SHINee was asked to guess what the unsatisfactory point was and the answer is "SHINee does not eat meals well" (S/N : Eat meals regularly)

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