Friday, March 23, 2012

120323 SHINee on Young Street

Asked Onew how's his strength in musical is, Onew said I'm no. 1. Asked Minho if he's really a hacker, whose computer would he most want to hack into. Minho said Taemin.

Jonghyun kept talking non-stop, Taemin is a bit chatty too. Boom said he personally likes SHINee's songs very much, started from Love Like Oxygen, he often listens to JoJo in the car. Jonghyun said We really want to meet the fans very much~ They were very nervous during the debut, the lads said the choreography this time is really extreme, they are unable to dance thrice in a row. Jonghyun said he specialised in love(?)

Source: tsconditional, translated: eimanjjong 
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