Friday, March 23, 2012

120323 SHINee on Young Street -part2

The lads said the nudity this time is definitely not their idea, when asked who was the happiest when the cover came out, Jonghyun said all were very happy. Jonghyun said he actually needs to be thinner for the cover, so he was dieting a week before the shoot.

Minho said the secret for the nudity this time is: they used film camera for the photoshoot this time, so they looked less muscular after the photos were developed. They actually specially edited Jonghyun’s muscles after his photos were developed, actually Jonghyun hyung’s muscles are catching up with Dragonballz’s character.

Key said when they recorded Inkigayo yesterday, he went to the restroom and was washing his hands when a lady came into the male restroom, he was shocked and then noticed that it’s Taemin. Taemin said he has been scaring a lot of people recently when he goes to the restroom.

Credits: tsconditional, translation: eimanjjong

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When Jonghyun was asked beside being good in drawing and singing, what else is he good at. He said love. 
Source: mrsminho1992

When telling lies, Jonghyun will stumble!
PS: I guess Jonghyun is not good at telling lies.
Chinese Trans: yinyuetaishinee
English Trans: NINGZzhi 

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