Friday, March 23, 2012

120323 SHINee at Young Street -part3

While before Inkigayo started, because of Taemin's long hair and pretty appearance, he was shocked when he saw Taemin, BOOM continued and said shocked. During Music Bank recording, a staff asked them who is that lady, very pretty! Taemin said he would shocked people whenever he goes to the restroom, so in order to let others be prepared, he would clear his throat while going into the restroom...

Source: sunflowertaem, translation: eimanjjong 

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ciptanirmala said...

ayuuuk... why aaaah blogmu berubaaah... eh, ma bikin postingan fanfiction suju plus shinee tapi udah dulu, ngahahaha

ayu aditi said...

ia uda brubah berkali2 ma XD

okeh nti aku ke blogmu baca FFnya ya hehe :")

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