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SHINee : Hello we are SHINee! (Self introduction in Chinese)
O : Very happy
J : Really Happy because we have not been here (Taiwan) for very long. We get to see many fans and get to perform. Upon receiving much support from fans, we returned back (to Taiwan), so we are really happy about it

#1 How do you feel coming to Taiwan for the 3rd Time
J : Just this year, we came to Taiwan thrice! Even though the intervals between our visit were not long, but strangely..
K : .. this time round, we are more familiar with the environment
T : One thing that made me surprised is that fans took so much effort to learn Korean and wrote our names or messages that they want to tell us (on Placards). This really surprised us, and we felt that Taiwan..
K: ..made us feel at home. When we came here, the first thing we wanted to find is food. From now onwards, we will try to come more often to meet everyone

#2 Interesting experiences from your world trips
J : True! We almost spend more than half of our time overseas, right? (Other members nod in approval) We really visited many countries - let's name them!
T : Firstly, Paris..
J : Yes~ Paris, we went Paris.. England.. we went to London.
M : And we visited twice there. We also went to New York, United States of America
K : Now we are in Taiwan
O : Yes, we visited Taiwan too. In addition, we specially went to Japan to promote
J : In addition, we went to Russia right? Russia.. and Singapore.. we practically... went to many places, really.
M : Through concerts, we toured around Asia Pacific - There is SHINee World Concert and world tours held by SMTOWN Concert. Even though our schedules are hectic, but we get to visit many places, meet our fans, so we are really happy. Through this, we received tremedous "energy" and support.
J : When we went to England, we not only conducted a concert at Abbey Road Studios but also went there to celebrate the International Film Festival.
O : Yes, indeed.
J : Ah, what should I say. This is a special and meaningful opportunity for us and it gave us a push to make us work even harder for our performances
T : Something else that is interesting is that.. at night, our members will go out together to look at the night scenary or go out to visit tourist spots. We really shopped around a lot.
K : Just like that? (burst into laughing)
T : Yes, just like that ^^;;; It was a great chance for us to learn more about other cultures..
O : And we became more familiar (with more places and cultures)

#3 Memorable events from your Japan Promotional activities
J : Currently we are still working hard to promote in Japan.. Ah, how should I put it? Because this is the first time we promoted overseas, producing albums using the local language (Japanese) so we got to experience a new thing. (Minho,) Please share with us what novel things we get to experience
M : During recording, because we not really familiar with the language, we will meet some problems like bloopers. Furthermore, because we get to meet a lot of Japanese fans through our promotional activities, so we are more familiar with Japan - we felt a stronger connection now.

#4 Regarding your First Japanese Album
O : The album is called "The First". This signifies our first step.
K : Yes.
O : Hence we recorded many (remade) Korean songs as well as original Japanese songs. We hope you like it very much

#5 A song you want to recommend from your Japanese albums
J : This is such a difficult question!
K : First off, we did not produce many Japanese albums - only 3 singles and a full album only. So I would recommend everyone to first listen to the 3 singles. Once you get to know SHINee, then listen to our full (Japanese) album. This is the best method. (To other SHINee members) Are there other songs that you would want to particularly recommend?
J : I hope that everyone would listen to all the songs in the album. Of course, the titles are good, but other recorded tracks have the same level of appeal as the title tracks - You will get to experience a new level of interest.

#6 The most memorable event in Taiwan and the place you want to go most
J : Regarding Taiwan, we really made many beautiful memories. Our first christmas, after our debut was celebrated in Taiwan (SHINee : Yes!) Moreover, it is winter, so it was even more memorable.
M : For me, we came to Taiwan previously to conduct a concert and it really left us unforgetable memories.
T : We heard that there were many great places in Taiwan 
Jonghyun: Yes, you are right. In addition, we heard that Taiwan's sea/ocean is really beautiful, so I personally want to go and visit the great ocean.
K : Previously, I mentioned that we went to the night market once (SHINee : ahhhh~ right!). I want to shop freely there as a tourist (and not a celebrity)

#7 Which Taiwan souvenir do you want the most 
J : Speaking of Taiwan, the first thing I thought of was definitely xiao longbao (steamed little dumpling). However, we are unable to bring it back (Taemin : yes)... So (Taemin), what do you want as a souvenir from Taiwan.. if you want to give Taemin's mother?
T : Me? ^^;;;
J : Yes, you.. I give you 3 seconds.. 3.. 2.. 1.. ELIMINATED!
T : Xiao Long Bao (Caption : Stars best choice is still Xiao Long Bao)
O : For me I want products bought from roadside stalls.
J : SHINee roadside merchandises??
O : Yes, SHINee road side merchandises! Haha~ I feel that my mum will really like it!
K : Yes... Also, I heard that Taiwan opened up SM Merchandises Store
J : Yes we heard about that.. 
M : Must buy Taiwan's limited edition products! Right, put in the poster, fans and photos in the shopping bag - fill it full.
SHINee : haha, this is really a great idea.

#8 Message to Taiwan Fans
O : Up til now, we really enjoyed our time here but we have to leave now. Not just in Japan, we have many other activities overseas, we hope to show a better side of us. We hope everyone had a great year and hope that everyone would be more blissful in the future. And don't forget to love us SHINee. This is contemporary band SHINee, Thank you!
SHINee : Thank you everyone! Bye-bye!

Transcripted and Translation by Soundtracklove

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