Wednesday, December 21, 2011

MINHO's Birthday Party Fanaccount Part 7

Taemin : Eventhough Minho hyung is 21 Years old already, I still find him amazing. The reason being that he has not changed much since we were Trainees until now. Compared to when I first met him, there is really not much difference. But there is actually a huge change.. it feels like Minho hyung is still an Middle 3rd Grade Student... Ah, no, I met him when he was Grade 2 so.. it still feels like that moment.
Key : If that's the case, you are still like a Elementary school student to us!
Fans : (laughs hysterically)
Taemin : Because of that, it's amazing. Even though so much things happened, but all these while, everybody stood by one another and persevered on.. I also felt very thankful towards Minho hyung.. From now onwards, we will show a more charismatic side of us. Minho hyung is really trying hard..  I can feel a sense of hardworking-ness when I see hyung doing activities/ working out... this is really the hyung I respect and like very much..
Key : Oh, respect?
Taemin : Yes! I respect all members ^^;;;
Key : Oh, but I've never felt this before? So when did you start respecting us 'ᄇ'*
Taemin : Starting from now ^^;;; Happy Birthday anyway ^^;;;

Haha Taemin and his disorganised thoughts - who is still such a naughty kid who does not listen HAHA

Kor - Chi Translation : _R // Fall in Taem
Chi - Eng Transatlion : soundtracklove

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