Wednesday, December 21, 2011

MINHO's Birthday Party Fanaccount Part 6

Minho : Taemin was looking at his laptop to study his script for "Koala Kid". I've decided to take a picture of it because he looked so cute.
Jonghyun : So how does a Koala cry?
Minho : I saw Taemin's movie script, there was a line that goes "Ho~", and it was annotated with "(Sad), (Excited), (Happy)".. So I told taemin, that he has to practice and work hard on it! (Then he demonstrated a sad "Ho~")
Taemin : Angry "Ho~"
Jonghyun : Show a happy one!
Taemin : "Ho~~~!"
Minho : In the end, we found out that "Ho" meant the breathing sound (and not an expression)
Taemin : Yes, it meant the breathing sound ^^;;;
Minho : Our practice was wasted...
Taemin: When I stepped into the recording studio, and interesting thing happened. In the script there was a frightened "Ho~", so i read "Ho~~~~~~".. In the end, the director asked me, "What are you doing?"
Minho : It made me even more embarrassed, because I was the one who told Taemin about it...

Kor - Chi Translation : JT /// Fall’inTaem
Chi - Eng Translation : soundtracklove

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