Monday, December 19, 2011

MINHO's Birthday Party Fanaccount Part 5

Key : After Taemin came back from (Koala Kid) recording, I thought, since it was "Koala Kid", then he should have imitated the sound made by a koala. Normally, when people asked a question, they would imagine what it would be like - doesn't everyone ask questions just to hear what the expected answer? So I asked Taemin "Taemin, you are back!", so taemin replied "Yes, recording ended already so I came back home." I asked "So did you imitate how a koala sounded?" I thought Taemin would definitely reply "Ah. yes. It was difficult to speak like an animal ^^;;;" HOWEVER, taemin actually replied "No..I didn't.. I just recorded using my own voice ^^;;;"

Minho : No, it isn't like this. I asked Taemin "Did recording go on smoothly?", Taemin said "Yes", So I asked "How did you recorded it?" Unexpectedly, Taemin replied "Just like that.. There's is not much difference between a koala and me ^^;;;"

Source : HearTwomin// Fall'in Taem 
Korean-Chi Translation: JT
Chinese-Eng Translation: Soundtracklove

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