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[Fanaccount] 111224 SHINee "The First" Showcase

1】 Onew wore a white scarf today and before his performance "Last Christmas", he commented that he was very warm. When it wasn't his part, he kept holding onto the scarf and kept swinging his head. During the middle of the song (still Last Christmas), he suddenly turned his head around and realised that he was standing very far from other people, so he ... walked back (in a cute way) to his position. Initially, Jinki played and waved with his scarf, then waved his hands, then swayed his head - in the end his entire body was moving, so adorable TT

【2】After the DVD screening, he was the first to run out (from the backstage) and announced that he bought 6 of it. He was supposed to say (the correct way) "ろっぽん",but instead he said "ろくぽん". Also he stammered and messed up his speech. There was a fanboy who dyed his hair in the same manner as Jonghyun's RDD hairstyle - so SHINee commented that there is another Kim Jonghyun among the audience, then said there was one who was looked like Taemin. Onew placed his hand above his eyes, pretending to search for the person from a far distance keke

【3】Onew spoke very little today. When Key was talking, he would clap, then wave his hand, as if he is helping Key to give a rhythm. When the performance ended, Key sang and walked simultaneously, when everybody went it, he held onto Onew and let Onew sing. But when Onew had just sung his first sentence, Key pulled Onew back (to the backstage)...
Kor-Chi Translation : 流年OnewTime
Chi-Eng Translation : soundtracklove

All 5 SHINee members wore the outfit as shown on "The First" album. They looked like dolls/manequins/models (it means something perfect). After singing Lucifer, they did their self introduction -  Onew kept forgetting his Japanese phrases, it was cute, and was constantly teased by Jonghyun. Jonghyun's Japanese was still unclear.. Taemin, Minho and Key's (Japanese) was still alright.

In the middle of the show, they announced that the DVD will be released on 11 January, it was mentioned in Korean then translated by a female translator. While she was translating, Jonghyun pretended to understand and after she finished the translation, Jonghyun pointed at Taemin and said "Okay, so, Taemin, please repeat what she just said!". Taemin stood up so helplessly and stammered " January..." Audience : "Yes, January~".. Taemin : "January.. 10%&¥..." It turns out that Taemin did not know how to say "11" in Japanese ╮(╯_╰)╭. The audience kept mimicking his "January.. 10%&¥..." so Taemin got really excited and said it once more .. ... They were not praising you!

After Lucifer, Replay and Juliette, Key asked everyone to watch the VCR for DVD teaser but he broke his voice ... It was unexpected because they hard really powerful live performances.. I thought is Key feeling unwell? But I heard from other sources that Key was really active for the other 2 showcases.

VCR was the DVD teaser, the scene where Key cried for their first Tokyo performance was broadcasted - so Taemin giggled and mimicked Key rubbing his tears away from that scene, and the audience... cheered..? exclaimed? - the audience felt that this scene was cute/ heart warming / lovely.

After the VCR ended, all SHINee members changed into a new set of outfits. Onew, Jonghyun, Minho were wearing scarves, Taemin was wearing a large mitten and Key just hung a cute pair of gloves around his neck. Onew kept mentioning he was warm, while Key kept mocking that he is feeling relaxed (He was the only one who was not covered with thick warm layers)

When Taemin was showing off his huge mittens, he gestured to Minho to ask him to pose according to how instructors teach boxers to fight (guarded pose for them to kick/hit). However, Minho misinterpreted his actions and thought Taemin asked him to fight with him. When Minho in a fighting stance, Taemin panicked and told him his initial intentions~ So Minho obediently agreed to pose for him. Taemin perked up and pretended to punch several times.

Since it was Christmas, Key said that he prepared a gift for everyone! So Jonghyun immediately went for forward to asked for his present and Onew followed suit. Jonghyun took action by himself and removed the accessory/watch from his wrist - the audience cheered loudly. Taemin grabbed the pair of gloves hung around Key's neck. However when Taemin wanted to return the gloves back to Key, Key produly snatched it back from him keke

Jonghyun was exceptionally excited today and made a lot of blunders. Halfway through the showcase during the talk, he kept trying to interact with everyone but his Japanese was not proficient enough so he spoke in Korean. When the translator was talking, SHINee kept using Korean to talk amongst themselves, so in the end the audience could not make up what they just said. After that he continued to engage with the audience, however the audience did not know how to react because they could not understand.. .. When he saw that he got no reactions from the audience, he finally pretended to cry out loud "Wuuu~ wuu~~"

I really love the choreography for "To Your Heart" - there were a lot of formations - I could not understand why it wasn't made as the title track.

After Last Christmas, the showcase ended and SHINee returned backstage but the audience shouted "SHINee~ SHInee~", however it wasn't loud and orderly .. but SHINee still came out to do the encore - SHINee performed the Japanese version of Amigo. In the middle of the performance, Taemin accidentally bumped into Minho : After his rap, Minho retreated and bumped into Taemin who was moving forward to change their formation. Minho was unaware of his surroundings and Taemin used his wrist to bloked him - at that moment I felt that Minho was very tall and large

During their talk, Key sidetracked and mentioned that there was a "Jonghyun" among the audience.. so the camera man filmed towards that person. Apparently there was a fan who cosplayed and dyed his/her hair similar to Jonghyun's Ring Ding Dong hairstyle. In the end Key mentioned that "There is another Taemin!" and the talk ended.

When the entire show ended, Jonghyun was extremely excited and wished everyone "Merry Christmas" several times, but the response he got was not very huge TT.TT

Personal Fan Account by 鸣川藏藏 (She personally went there today)
Chi-Eng Translation : Soundtracklove

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